Timeline is a mobile card game based on the physical card game, with the same name, It is a game designed and intented to be used in school as a tool for the teacher to use. Timeline has been developed and published by Window Licker Games SB.

My role in this game was the design and art parts. I made the UI elements for the game and did the texturing of the models. I also stood for many of the decisions regarding positions of objects in the game.

We wanted a cartoony look over the game as it would be more pleasing and fun to look at. This was the first mobile game I worked on, but I always tried to think that everything needed to be visible and readable for a small screen.

I also liked the idea of including watches as icons, buttons and backgrounds as it fit well with the whole concept of time being essential for the game concept, but at the same time it is an open concept. The size and time is set by the creator of the deck, and therefor the clocks around in the game does not need to contain hands and numbers.

Link to Timeline at Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.WLG.Timeline

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