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I have experimented around with both shader programming in Unity, CSS and JS for browser and general tools for 3ds Max, but here is a list of some of the more notable tools I have made:

AO Batch Baker: This tool written in Maxscript allows the user to add multiple objects in the que for ambient occlusion baking. The user gets a cleaner UI than the default Baker and can set several aspects themselves like texture size, tell the tool to assign AO map after baking, and say that the object should be baked in isolation. The tool will set the file name based on the object name and prefill a save path to the correct project folder according to OSC workflow. 

Slate Material Library: A tool written in Maxscript for the Slate Material Editor (also referred to as the Advanced Material Editor). This tool makes creating new materials less tedious for the user, and organizes the nodes neatly in the editor. The user only needs to select a diffuse texture and the tool will generate a material to connect it with and finds corresponding Metal and Normal maps if they exist. The tool also has the possibility to set diffuse colors to a material, and can read text files to generate a premade color library to ease the user (e.g. have all the RAL colors to pick from). These premade libraries are divided into categories as to keep it simple for the user, and one can easily add and change colors to these premade library with ease by editing a text file.

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