Blindventurers League

Blindventurers League is an award winning 2D mobile game developed by Window Licker Games and released for Android and iOS.


In the game the player has to lead blind adventures through mazes. It is a two phased game where the player first plan the path by swiping at intersections. When the planning phase is done, the characters start to walk the path set by the player. The player have to use the character's ability to avoid the traps and other characters, and make sure all the character reach the goal in the end.

Blindventurers League won the "Design of the year" at the Norwegian Game Awards 2017.

My roles in the game was mostly the background and environment art. We aimed for a retro feel for the game using the color pallets from the NES as a foundation, and used 32x32 as a base size for all the assets. The importance for me was to create tileable assets that still could create clear, stylized and exciting levels. Always aimed for assets like traps and pressure plates would read well against the floor and wall tiles so that the player could easily plan the optimal route on every level.

App can be found on Google Play store here

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